I learned a lot about biology and biosafety in this discussion since I have not been in a biology class or lab.  I honestly thought it was going to be quite boring but it was really interesting.  I never knew there was a difference between a chemical fume hood and a biological safety cabinet, to me they both look the same.  I learned the difference between biowaste and trash and how to dispose of them.  Did you know there are also proper procedures for the autoclave?  When I saw a student use it there did not appear to be any particular procedures, maybe I was not fully paying attention since it was not equipment I used and knew little about.


Faculty:  Dr. Julie Zwiesler-Vollick

PSC 3001 Spring 2014 – Basics of Biosafety_ZV

Physics Research Capabilities and Physics Research Safety

It was a cold snowy winter day and we were meeting in the optics lab instead of our normal classroom.  Physics research safety was discussed in depth, more specifically laser safety.  Then we moved into the next room which is the confocal  microscope laboratory then proceeded into the next room which is the laser laboratory.  Here we were able to see Dr. Changgong Zhou use some of the lasers, one which I had already used in a contemporary physics lab.

Caution Laser beam

Faculty:  Dr. Changgong Zhou