Research with Humans and Animals

This is when I learned research with humans does not necessarily mean some crazy Frankenstein experiment.

“A living individual person about whom an investigator conducting research obtains data through intervention or interaction with the individual or identifiable private information.”

It could be something as simple as testing if sports drinks actually have an effect on athletes, or if energy drinks really help you stay awake.  If research with humans is going to be done an IRB form must be submitted before doing research with humans.

IRB Review Criteria

  • There must be a benefit.
  • The protocol must minimize the risks.
  • There must be an equitable selection of subjects.
  • Participation must be informed and voluntary. No unfair inducements such as large cash payments.
  • Privacy and confidentiality of subjects and data must be protected.

Research with animals, while I cannot say I like that research is done with animals I understand it has helped save lives with vaccines and advances in technology.  It is comforting to know there ethical ways to use animals for research just as there are for humans.

The 3 R’s of Animal Research

  • Replacement: Replacing conscious, living vertebrates with cell or tissue cultures, computer models, and/or less-developed animal species.
  • Refinement: Using any technique or procedure that decreases the suffering, or enriches the life of an animal used in research.
  • Reduction: Using the fewest number of animals possible in a research project to gain statistically significant results.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Animals and Humans

Faculty: Dr. Jeffery Morrissette

On Being a Scientist, 3rd Edition Research with Humans and Animals

PSC 3001 Spring 2014 – Research with Human Subjects_Morrissette

PSC 3001 Spring 2014 – The Science and Ethics of Animal Research_Morrissette

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