Midterm Presentation

At this time I had discussed my senior project with both Dr. Scott Schneider and Dr. Valentina Tobos.  I knew Dr. Scott was going to be my adviser since we had previously discussed what type of physics project I was interested in doing at the 2013 Midwest Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois.  On January 18, 2013 at that time I stated I was interested in a project in astrophysics.  When Dr. Scott and I discussed my project this time, I knew I wanted a project in theoretical astrophysics, and that I would like to study the formation and evolution of galaxies after graduation.  We discussed many project ideas he had but I did not find them particularly interesting.  At this time I stated what I was interested in, and we discussed what I would be capable of doing as an undergraduate. After some time we came up with the idea of obtaining an understanding of galaxy rotation curves and the use of genetic algorithms while accounting for dark matter.  I did not have a strong understanding of the project at this time, but it sounded interesting!

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Faculty: Dr. Shannon Timmons, student presentations.

PSC 3001 Spring 2014 Midterm Presentation CLR

PSC 3001 Spring 2014 – Midterm Presentation Evaluation Rubric

PSC 3001 Midterm Presentation Evaluation_Cere Rettig

PSC 3001 Spring 2014 – Senior Project Proposal Requirements

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