Intro to Projects

Looking for Dark Matter in the Rotation Curves of the Hubble Tuning Fork Galaxy Diagram

Lawrence Technological University

Student Senior Project

Bachelor of Science in Physics 2015

Introduction to Senior Projects in Science brings together the students within the Natural Science Department to help aid in designing a senior project and choosing an advisor. 
The scientific method was reviewed and a much more strong emphasis on literature research. 
 In Introduction to Senior Projects in Science the learning goals that are emphasized are Sustainability and Professional Ethics. 
While discussing professional ethics it was made more clear that perhaps the circumstances a person is in can and often will influence their behavior.
While it may appear to be exactly what you are looking for you have to keep in mind your: personal, intellectual, financial, and professional interests to decide if this is truly the best opportunity.
 Physics research safety was discussed in depth, more specifically laser safety.
When Dr. Scott and I discussed my project this time, I knew I wanted a project in theoretical astrophysics, and that I would like to study the formation and evolution of galaxies after graduation.

Our main focus was building up to understand the general duty clause.
In between all the fun and excitement we discusses personal protection equipment, hand washing, and understanding how to obtain information from MSDS sheets.
I honestly thought it was going to be quite boring but it was really interesting.
This is when I learned research with humans does not necessarily mean some crazy Frankenstein experiment.
It was interesting learning about the different types of intellectual property and the process to obtain them.
I will use his project to understand and build my own genetic algorithm program using java for this project that I will be able to use and modify for this project.
Create the software, to fit galaxy rotation.
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