A life long passions in astronomy coupled with my Bachelor of Science in Physics, I fell in love with Astrophysics, the moment of I learned of its existence. At the end of my degree I had the amazing opportunity to create a computational astrophysics project. It was here I reignited my love for technology and began learning my first object-oriented programming language, Python. I now work for a small software company where I get paid to learn as much as possible every day.

So now that you know I have a background in STEM, here are some other things about me. I am a cat mom of two lovely boys, a sister to three siblings, an auntie of four children, and survivor of traumatic events. So as you can see I am not just an intelligent person, I also have a lot of life experiences many can learn from.

I wanted to create STEM Learning to spread my love and knowledge of all things STEM to others who would like to learn more. It was not until I began putting it all together, I decided I wanted to add some personal experiences to the website, as I felt living during a pandemic others may need to learn more than just about all things STEM. Since I have experiences others can learn from, I would like to share those as well.

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